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Ride DuPage provides transportation assistance to older adults and people with disabilities at a subsidized rate. Whether you need to get to a medical appointment, a consultation, Ride DuPage is here for you.

I use Ride DuPage to get to and from the College of DuPage where I work and go to school. While riding, I have made new and interesting friends who advise me on classes, homework and professors. One rider was even kind enough to loan his books to me.

Before my husband passed away, he was confined to a wheelchair. Because of Ride DuPage, we were able to enjoy his last years of life by getting out into the community for medical appointments, grocery shopping, visits with friends and relatives and many other places that allowed us to survive and live a fulfilling life.

My daughter was throwing me a birthday party and wanted to invite my friends at the senior center. Because of Ride DuPage, she was able to arrange a group trip to transport my friends to her home for the party. A great time was had by all thanks to Ride DuPage.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer and going to church became one of my top priorities. I was fearful the transportation would not be available to me on Sundays but because of Ride DuPage, it was. This meant everything to me and kept me going during a difficult time.

I am a senior citizen and totally blind. Because of Ride DuPage, I am able to get to and from work five days a week. I am able to go to the doctor, the grocery store, the health club and the airport. I live a quality life and it starts with the transportation services offered by Ride DuPage

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